Buckys Boo BBQ 2013

Bucky Lasek has hosted a huge party at his backyard bowl, the worlds largest backyard bowl, for the past four years. Every year I looked at the pics like everybody else, and wished I had hopped on a plane to the west coast. In 2013 my wife and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and we planned to drive down the West coast, starting in  San Francisco and ending up in Encinitas. I found a guest house to rent the next street over from Buckys house.

Upon arrival you were greeted with a very generous gift bag from Puma, Rockstar & Pro-tec. Trucker hat, Tshirt & O’s orange Suedes.


Gift Bag

After getting our goodie bags we headed up the hill to the bowl.  The bowl sits about 50′ higher then his house, and has beautiful views of the rolling hills of Encinitas. My wife and I  dressed as the Juno couple


Bucky dressed up as Mork from “Mork and Mindy”. No doubt Bucky is a child of the 80’s.


The place was already packed and the doubles Slalom started with resident photographer Dan Sparagna and Scott Foos.  There was about 900 people in attendance, you know a quaint little get together.


Adrain Demain’s band  provided the tunes1402098_251466151667529_1374784588_o


T & A Party

kids (9 of 9)


kids (8 of 9)

Cory Juneau

kids (7 of 9)

Paul Wisniewski

kids (2 of 9)

Chris Russel Truck Bash

kids (3 of 9)

Nanu Nanu Nose grind


kids (5 of 9)

Alex Sorgente


Mr. Skeleton Key. Swifty was shooting to my left & MRZ & Chris Ortiz to my right


I stopped by the next day for a solo session and nailed it. You can get a sense of the size of the bowl from this pic. It’s enormous! like the shallow end is 12′ and deep 14′. Its a custom original design so first time you ride it… your just fucking lost- period.


Thanks Jen & Bucky Lasek for hosting amazing backyard parties.

Words & Images by Rex Singleton


Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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