Dew Tour 2014 Bowl

dew bowl (5 of 1)

Ocean City, Maryland                                                                                   6-29-2014

This was Dew Tour’s 10th consecutive year and 4th year being hosted in Ocean City, MD. The bowl opened on Wednesday 6-24 and closed on Sunday 6-29. It was built by Shallow  7′-Deep 12′.

image by Spohn Ranch

For 3 years the bowl had the same design.  This year Dew Tour wanted a fresh bowl  to prevent the Veterans coming back doing the same lines they did to win the year before.  The deep end was challenging to put it lightly. Riders would go over the hip then hit the corresponding wall then exit the deepend or halfpipe it for a few walls and then get out.

Bucky Lasek” I feel like an adult in the McDonald’s play land ball room, this thing is small!”

rowe (13 of 13)

Bucky fsg on the clam shell

Josh Rodriguez – “I’m just glad they changed the design of the bowl. Clean slate for everyone. New lines. New faces. New tricks. I dig the clam. That was fun. Deep end was questionable for me but overall fun”

rowe (9 of 13)

JRod front blunt

If you had asked me who was going to be on the Bowl podium, I would have said- Pedro, Bucky & Alex. Pedro had won the previous 2 years and Bucky came in second. Alex Sorgente has been on a tear in 2014 placing 1st in Australian Bowl Riding Championship & 2nd at both Bowl-a-rama contests- Bondi & Wellington. But while in France, someone broke into Pedro’s hotel room and stole his passport. He was not permitted to enter the US. Bummer for him, but an opportunity for everyone else.

We got to session the bowl


JRod spinning 5’s


In the end, the veteran Bucky Lasek prevailed and took it all. 2nd. Tom Scharr and 3rd. Cory Juneau.

Bowl Results:

1. Bucky Lasek 2. Tom Scharr 3. Cory Juneau 4. Kevin Kowalski 5. Alex Sorgente 6. Andy Mac 7. Ben Hatchell 8. Greyson Fletcher 9. Trey Wood 10.Sandro Dias 11.Tristan Rennie 12. Nolan Munroe 13. Josh Stafford 14. Brad McClain 15. Felipe Caltabiano 16. Josh Rodriguez 17.Josh Borden 18. Omar Hassan 19. Jono Schwann 20. Murilo Peres


Till Next year. image by Spohn Ranch


Article written by Rex Singleton. Images by Rowe, Dan Spragna & Rex Singleton


Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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