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Mikeapalooza is an annual Backyard Vert Jam held in Dunkirk Maryland, on the property owned by Mike Thompson. The ramp is 10.5′/1.5′v, Ramp Armor Surface. Friday evening MAP gets going and doesn’t stop till Sunday. Saturday is the big day with about 125-150 guests. Lots of bands, beers and grinds. We had some awesome sponsors that stepped up and provided a lot of cool prizes to give away.

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Skaters come from all over show, Adam Effertz and VS contributor Bob Umbel made the long 12 hour drive from Florida. Darren Navarrette hopped on a plane to make the event.


Furne’ e gives Nav’s an assist with a squeegee so he can staple a Skeleton Key tshirt to the ramp. He’s so High Tech.


Adam Effertz 5-0 to fakie. image by Rowe

Mike-a-palooza 2014 :: Backyard Vert Jam! #MAP #MAP2014 from Vert Skateboarding on Vimeo.


Adam Effertz image by Rowe

Peter “Flare” Furne’e drove down from Indiana.


peter furne’e image rowe

VS Contributor Bob Umbel riding his deck from Demon Seed.

bob matt (5 of 2)

Ocean City Local Matt Dove won a Dakine book bag for ripping the hardest.

matt (5 of 1)


Phishlips Ramp image by Rex

Kyle and Ilia Tabor grilled all day and well into the night

kyle ilia


DK was ripping image by Mark Nichols

DK was ripping as usual image by Mark Nichols


Camping is encouraged.

Phishlips Ramp. Image Rex Singleton

The landlord Michael Thompson

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Mike skates early.

Wyatt Wisenbaker was raging all day!

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Wyatt Wisenbaker image Rowe

1 (5 of 8) wyatt

Tommy is a local at the Phishlips ramp.

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Tommy Vendemmia image Rowe

Watching brothers Roman & Cedric Pabich was a highlite of mine. Both have different styles and are really good natured kids. Their parents Lisa and Mike drove their RV up from Ocean City,MD and provided sound and a kick ass PA system for all the bands.

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Roman Pabich image Rowe


Cedric Pabich image Mark Nichols


Brian Drake took no prisoners

rowe shots (9 of 8)

Brian Drake Image Rowe




Travis Beattie image by Rowe

This was the first year Packy was not present. He was to busy breaking his knee cap in Cali.


Packy Fancher. Image by Rex Singleton

Phil Geib. Image by Rex Singleton


DK. Image Mark Nicholis

Booger Brown from MAP 2013


Dan Brown. Image Mark Nicholis


Dave Anderson Phishlips ramp. Image by Res Singleton

Dave Anderson Phishlips ramp. Image by Rex Singleton

phishlips 2012 (39 of 43)

Phil Geib. Image by Rex Singleton

We would like to thank Mike Thompson for building Phishlips and throwing Mikeapalooza. Special thanks goes out to sponsors.











Article written by Rex Singleton 6/20/14




Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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