Party at the Ponds 5

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Party at the Ponds in Jeddo Michigan wrapped last weekend. For the 5th year in a row skaters from all over the US including Jeff Grosso, Jimmi Wilkins, Darren Naverrette, Matt Dove, Derek Krasauskas , Rodney Mead, Dane Warner, Peter Furne’e, Sizzors, Zach lewis, Wyatt Wisenbaker Rich Pond, Matthew Munson, Greg Fadell, Tyler Russel, Psycho, Kyle Tabor, Jeff Lambert, Eric Attleson, Mark Kaye, and many more. Every year PATP has grown along with the resurgence of Vert skating and backyard vert ramps.



Party at the Ponds from Vert Skateboarding on Vimeo.

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Rich Pond aka “The Land Lord”. Rich and his wife opened their compound for close to 300 people from allover the US for 3 days of bands, mini bikes, swimming and a great Vert Ramp. Many thanks to Rich for his generosity and passion.




Roll Call

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My all around over all favorite ripper at PATP Rodney Mead. Rodney never on the bench killed for 48hrs. Sick huge airs and crazy varial,flip invert combinations.

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Fun for the whole family. Fishing at the Ponds’ pond while sporting a PATP5 shirt.

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One on Michigan’s Sons Kyle Tabor

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I would be remiss if I did not mention Peter Furnee’s efforts to make PATP a success. From organizing bands and pyrotechnics to rendering care for the injured, the most colorful man on the ramp help pull of another good time.


All photography and words by Thomas Rowe.





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