Party at the Ponds 6



I am not good with words, so I’ll keep it simple. Rich and Jen Pond opened their compound up for a sixth straight year in Jeddo, Michagan. A core group of skaters made the pilgrimage how ever they could. Some drove, some flew and some flights (like mine) took 10 hrs instead of 1hr. Sessions ran from Thursday to Sunday and the big one went late into the night on Saturday. One guy was so excited to skate on Friday, that he put his trucks on backwards unintentionally, and dropped in.


Dale Busta

Mostly I loved the dedication shown by all the back yard Vert skaters. Like David Malachi Smith, he was not deterred by an earlier knee injury. He slid out on one good knee all day and still pulled a staple gun. Some people camped in tents, some in hotels, and some just passed out where ever they could. There was a 1st time drop in, I always love to see that happen. DSC_8811

Mike Conroy

_KSC2416Rodney Mead literally NEVER stopped skating. He might still be there now doing inverts.

DSC_8824Dane Warner ripped with pads and skated even better without them.


Pedro Defino was a smooth operator.


 Darren Naverrette returned this year showing his support for the backyard Vert ramp scene.

DSC_8775Derek Krasauskas touched the sun and did a sweet varial lein air despite eating a pancake.


(Psycho) Greg Williamson Jr.

    Skateboarding in the backyard with your bros, that’s what it’s  all about.. I hope to see every one next year at PATP #7.

Words & Images Thomas Rowe

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