Packy’s Products: Jawbone Jambox


This is the jawbone on the ground at my favorite skatepark.

This is the jawbone on the ground at my favorite skatepark.

First things first, this is $249 bucks. I got it for free because it’s customary to give gifts on one’s birthday in America. This little guy is 10X3ishX3ish inches. Small, light, and super loud. Like, unnecessarily loud. If you’re 45 years old and still listen to the same Slayer/Metallica playlist you’ve been blaring the past 25 years then you’d want it a tad louder since you’ve destroyed your ear drums. For the rest of us it’s fine.
You can charge it at home or in your car through USB and it plays for 15 hours. If you took it on a weekend skate trip it’d play longer than you could skate. It hooks up via Bluetooth but you can plug your phone into it if you’re still in the dark ages.

Click the link below to buy it. They make it in a buncha pretty colors now. I take it skating all the time, has good bass for all the hip hop and reggae shit I play.


Name: Donald Packard Fancher (seriously...) Born: 1985 Status: Engaged, my chick skates roundwall better than you. Sponsors / Flow: Cockfight Skateboards, WRV (I think...) I was into Star Wars, Legos, the Baltimore Orioles (how ironic..) and baseball until I was 11. That year I moved 3 hours away from anyone I knew. I found a skateboard, some kids to ride with and I crushed neighborhood sewer drains for a good year until we met an older kid with power tools. Developers were expanding our neighborhood so we stole TONS of wood and built launch ramps, rails, boxes, all sorts of shit. Shortly after that we got a local park built after getting some petitions signed and sat through some county meetings. It was rumored some older dudes came there one day that said they had a bowl a few miles into the country that anyone could ride if they found it. Well I fucking found it. I guess I got into roundwall and vert because it took me two years to learn kickflips. Skating transition in 2000 meant I skated with primarily old guys that grew up skating Trashmore and what not. By the time I had a license I was skating Trashmore during the week and all the Outer Banks terrain coming up at the time. I got to skate some pretty fun contests and local vert demos before I got outta High School. I skated World Cup bowl contests before everyone got the roundwall memo, then I went to college and I can't get my knee on the board when I eggplant anymore... I still weasel my way into a contest once a year to keep in touch with friends made over the years. Skateboarding has given me everything, I fundamentally have no idea how other people live. The world fucking sucks, there's nothing you can do about it but there's nothing stopping you from having a good time. My skateboard has showing me the world, introduced me to countless great people, and retaught me how to think about my existence on this blue globe of idiots.

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