Eddie Think

Hi I am Eddie, a 37 year old slightly awkward potographer from Amsterdam the Netherlands.

I’ve started skateboarding when I was 18, so i guess I was after adapter. I started skating at a time when no one skated and I had to figure it out all by myself in a little hick town in the east of the Netherlands. I was sold the minute I started though. I started working around my 19th birthday because I wasn’t much for school. After working loads of shitty jobs t, I decided it was time to go back to school. I allways had a nack for imagery, and attended the Art Academy in Kampen, which was my hometown. There I picked up a photocamera for the first time, at least in a way I was actually thinking about what I was shooting. Since I studied graphic design, my main focus would allways be to have clean, communicative pictures that were studio quality. I didn’t shoot any skaters in those days, and after a flying start, after 4 years I found out graphic design wasn’t for me, and due to private circumstances I quit school again, to become a teamleader at some bookcompany. I’ve been in managment jobs ever since and Iike that a lot. After the bookcompany I decided that my hometown was to small for me and I moved to Amsterdam. I hadn’t been skating for years due to a torn ACL, but all my skaterfriends lived there, and I decided to help them out with their online magazine called Tagsters, which at the moment is dormant. That’s 4 years ago after the summer, and I haven been taking photo’s in many places.
I try to be versatile with both transition and street, but I love transitions the most. I shoot digital, and like to get into analog too.
Greetz Eddie




Back smith, Manuel de Jong, Amsterdam FS Invert, Tim Bijsterveld, Amsterdam Front rock, Tim Bijsterveld, Hamburg