Lorrie Palmos


When I was eighteen my mother presented me with my first camera, it had belonged to my father. Raised in Santa Cruz and being a part of the surfing community, my initial experience began with surf photography. Around thirty years later in April of 2012, I was invited to photograph my first skateboarder, Scott Foss. Scott had had been an original member of the Powell/Peralta Bones Brigade from ’79 to ’81. I quickly became obsessed with catching that perfect shot. My challenge was to capture images that conveyed the action, trying to get the skater perfectly lit and compose an overall, well balanced photo. I put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. I absolutely loved it and improved quickly. I made friends and connections in the skateboarding community and was soon invited to shoot sessions from Northern to Southern California. Things started to snowball. I was addicted.
I have photographed at the Van’s Ladies Combi 2013 and Van’s Pool Party 2013 as a photographer for Skateboarder’s Journal, Dew Tour San Francisco 2013, Clash at Clairemont 2013, Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2012/2013, Exposure 2013 and several other contests. I’ve been published in Skidmark Magazine, numerous skateboard blogs and I’m also a resident photographer and page administrator for Vert Skateboarding. I’ve photographed private sessions in many backyard pools and worked with skaters one on one in a variety of settings, including street skating. My favorite arenas are bowls and vert.
I love sharing the excitement with the skateboarders I work with, novice and pro alike, when we capture an image of a challenging trick they’ve been working so diligently to make. If I had to choose the one most rewarding thing about my work it would be the enjoyment my photos bring to others. I hope it brings you enjoyment as well. Skateboard photography is truly my passion. Thank your for taking the time to view my work.