Tony Hawk & friends do Mexico City

October 23, 2014

by Neal Hendrix

I have always equated being one of the skaters on The Tony Hawk and Friends Tour, to being the new bass player in Metallica – who’s name nobody knows (Robert Trujillo). You’re not the focus of attention, or the guy anyone talks about, but you get to do some pretty cool shit. This is what it looked like coming out to 20,000 screaming fans in Mexico City.

  For someone like myself, who spent many years doing skate tours in stinky vans and on the floor of a Motel 6; I more than appreciate the plush confines provided on these trips. Come to think of it, maybe that is why Hawk invites primarily us veterans for these demos. The young kids might not be able to appreciate how far we have come.

The only tough thing about this one was it was a newly built local ramp (13.5′ x 32′)and we only got a few warm up runs before the big show.



Ramp Dimension 13′-6″ x 32′ wide

Neal Hendrix Image by Toni François

Neal Hendrix Image by Elliot Sloan

tony indy

Tony hawk

Kevin final

Kevin Stabb

  Having done Hawk demos on every continent on the globe, the passion and energy of our demos in Latin America are unrivaled anywhere else and Mexico City was no different. This demo was a promotional event for Nixon and  20,000 people came out to a brand new indoor arena in the heart of the largest city in Latin America.
Sandro D.-3-1

Sandro Dias

Elliot Sloan “That demo was insane. The crowd was amazing. Definitely one for the books.”


Elliot Sloan

Lizzie Image by Toni François

Lizzie Image by Toni François

We finally got the hang of the new ramp and the demo went off. Hawk did doubles runs with a couple of the local vert kids which left once of them in happy tears.

Hopefully this turns into an annual event because we all had an amazing time. Thank you Mexico City!
Tony, Kevin, Elliot & Lizzie image by Neal Hendrix

Tony, Kevin, Elliot & Lizzie image by Neal Hendrix


Words by Neal Hendrix

Images by Olga Aguilar, Neal Hendrix, Elliot Sloan & Toni François

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