XGames 2015 Austin

It was a hot one in Austin for XGames. Temperatures hovered around 90 degrees everyday. But the skateboarders took the heat in stride and competed at a high level.  In vert, the veteran PLG who had been sidelined with a knee injury the last year, was able to take it all. Pierre brought a solid mix of tech, grinds and flip tricks. Paul Luc Ronchetti, whom Tony Hawk called the “Dark Horse“, got silver. Sam Becket coming off his 2015 Vert Attack win, rounded out the podium with Bronze. Paul and Sam both grew up skating together in Norfolk, England. They both made the move to California and today they both were both winners in Austin.

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Paul-luc Ronchetti

Sam Beckett

Sam Beckett

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Elliot Sloan

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Andy Mac

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Bucky Lasek

Mitchie Brusco

Mitchie Brusco

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Jono Schwann

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Sandro Dias


Winner Winner chicken Dinner 1st PLG 2nd PLR 3rd Sam Beckett


PLG Image courtesy of xgames Bryce Kanights


The Xgames courses and ramps are constructed by  Ca Rampworks. Ca Rampworks gained world wide recognition by building the ramp that Danny Way jumped over the  Great Wall of China on. XGames Ramp Fun Facts: The Vert ramp is 11′-6″ tranny 2’vert, 60′ wide.

lincoln (1 of 1)-2

Tony Hawk, Neal Hendrix, Bob Burnquist, Steve Cab, Renton Millar, Lincoln Ueda, Mitchie Brusco and 5 year old Fox Rio put on a demo for the fans.

lincoln (1 of 1)-3

Lincoln Ueda




Renton Millar during the vert train

One of the coolest things I witnessed was Woodward camp and Neal Hendrix along with other pros, put on 9 vert instruction clinics. Lots of kids got to experience what it was like to skate the XGames ramp. I have to admit I was jealous. FullSizeRender (1) Elliot sloan won best trick, check the vid. Big Air ramp takes 5 days to construct and 2 days to rip down. 45,000 lbs. of Skatelite and 32,000 pounds of scaffolding is used. Ca Rampworks has 480,000 lbs of equipment total for the Xgames.


image courtesy of CA Rampworks

      big air  

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Professor Schmidt

Skatepark Finals-  Gold Curren Caples. Silver Pedro Barrros. Bronze Ronnie Sandoval.

  Words & images by Rex Singleton video Scott Arnebold & Rex Singleton Thanks Xgames!

Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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