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My passion for photography has been entwined with skateboarding from the moment I got my first skateboard in 1974—the year my adrenalin and visual addiction began. I was 10 years old; from the jump I was mesmerized by the photos of pool and pipe skaters in Skateboarder Magazine. Shots by the likes of Glenn Friedman, C.R. Stecyk, Warren Bolster, Jim Goodrich—and later, Grant Brittain and Bryce Kanights—captured the beauty and magic of skateboarding and its lifestyle. Their photos were powerful and iconic. They pulled me into the frame and made me feel like I was living the moment; they were a lifeline; they were inspiration—both in terms of what I aspired to do on my skateboard as well as planting the desire to create equally compelling images.

Although I’ve been shooting since the mid 80s, the past decade has been the most remarkable of my journey as a photographer, because it marked my transition from working as a graphic designer to working as full-time photographer, allowing me to produce images I only used to dream of shooting. This has come about largely because of skateboarding, which not only feeds my soul every time I step on the board, but which continues to elevate my photography—whether I’m in the studio or lying on my back in the bottom of a pool. What an incredible vehicle for honing my photographic skills skateboarding has been! It has forced my hand on all fronts: composition, vision, knowing my subject, knowing my gear, knowing my lighting, developing an instinct for releasing the shutter at the “decisive moment.” Thank you, skateboarding.

I currently reside in Philadelphia, dividing my time between shooting editorial/commercial photography, raising my two kids with my wife, and trying to skate as frequently as possible. My skateboarding photographs have appeared in SLAP, Thrasher, Juice, and Concrete Wave, and The SkateBoard Mag.

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