Fred Ferand


image Hi, I’m Fred,

I was born in ’66 in a family of artists (mama is a painter, dad a photographer)
I had a skateboard under the tree for Xmas 76 and never stepped down… surviving its ups and downs I ended up being the oldest of the crop, that meant I had a car and could drive around my fellow skateboarders from spots to contests.
I took pictures pretty early, at first to keep some souvenirs  from the sessions then I realized that having photo equipment in the eighties was a great way to get into contests for free and be really close to the action.
Even though I was looking up at Mofo, Grant Brittain and Jim goodrich’s pictures there was no way I could reach their level…
The small wheels trend kind of slowed my addiction, I was always a big fan of rolling around and of trannies… I was able to hit the local miniramp from time to time but I didn’t hang out there all day like I used to do.
The arrival of the internet and its forums helped me find old  (and new) friends to share old and new stories… soon enough I was back on the road to contests and jams and of course I took the camera along..
I like to consider myself as a documentarist because I like to keep track of every person that had a nice trick at the session and I love it when they’re stoked when I mail the pictures…
I had a good bunch of publications in several countries which helped me to compensate for the travels and equipments and also a few expositions.
What I like best, is the good old session where I can get get some rest from the skating by shooting a few snaps.
Keep skateboarding!
Bordeaux, France
Profile Photo by Tjeerd Derkink