Guillaume Ducreux

Rocked since my childhood in sports big adrenaline rush, I absorbed the culture of the image inherent in all these ways of life made ​​me dream. Photography is something that I developed later on, I got into it in 2008 when I arrived in Lyon (fr). I work for a news agency specializing. Apart from my personal work in connection with riders of different practices, I cover various international competitions extreme sports such as X-Games in Tignes, the FISE Montpellier ….. My work is a relay in the specialized press such as Soul, Soma, Clack, Freestyle Motocross ….. In parallel, I co-founded in 2011 the group is focusing more specifically C2X on photojournalism. Work on the human in its broad widths fascinates me.

Photography allows me to go to meet the other who fascinate me.


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