Rex Singleton


Self Taught. Based in Baltimore, Maryland.

My first memory of photography was in 1982 while sitting in the back seat of my mother’s Silver Camaro. We were picking up her pictures at the Fotomat Drive thru kiosk. With film, it was always a surprise to see what images turned out. We would often review them right there in the parking lot.

It was Christmas 1988, while living in Highlandtown a blue collar town in Baltimore, Maryland; I got my first board It was a Nash Executioner with 2 toned wheels and absolutely no concave My skateboard was my mode of transportation. It was also my identity since I was not interested in team sports. Street plants, ollies & launch ramps, thats what we were working with. I was hooked and Powell Peralta was king. In 2006, I purchased my first Digital Canon EOS 300D. It was a whopping 6.3MP and had a cheap feeling silver body. It was then that I stopped shooting in Auto and began experimenting with all the dial settings on my camera. I studied the theory behind a good image. Two years later in 2008, I bought a 20D and was asked to shoot the Dew Tour hosted in Baltimore for my friends website Thats when I started shooting skate photos professionally.

In January 2013 along with Kyle Tabor we started the Vert Skateboarding page on FB,Insta & Twitter. I reached out to all the sk8 photographers I had networked with and created a team of Resident Photographers. Currently, we have 16 photographers and contributors submitting content everyday to the Vert page.

I enjoy shooting portraits, modeling and skateboarding. I have been published in magazines, newspapers and used for advertisements. My wife and I are raising two children and I have a day job doing Commercial Electrical Engineering. I studied jazz guitar but I play just about everything these days. I shoot Canon.

My portfolio can be viewed here: