Thomas Rowe

From my first days on a skateboard at age 14 I loved to look at
skateboard images as much as actually skating. First was Thrasher, then
Transworld for the better images.  A Kodak 110, then a Pentax 35mm and
Fuji Velvia was what I started with. I was always the one with a camera
on a skate trip documenting the action. Completely self taught, I
drew some technical knowledge from local skate photog Geoff Graham. I
remember him shooting me skate and submitting to TW. I would bug the
shit out of him. Are they going to print it? Are they? The joy I felt
to see a shot of me in a mag was amazing. Now with the speed of digital
and the web, more images are getting the exposure they deserve, inspiring
skaters worldwide within hours after they are shot. It is a great time
to be shooting.

It all got serious for me in 07 when the Dew Tour came to Baltimore.
Seeing old friends in skateboarding competeing relit a fire in me. It
became my mission to cover every contest I could get to. Tampa Pro, The
Dew Tour, Asian X Games in Shanghai China, all the Maloof Money Cups,
Back to the Banks, Manny Mania, Bowl A Rama. To share these images and
stories I started and ran, a blog documenting all of
my contest coverage.

I love being on the deck seeing the best riders rip. The challenge of
studying the rides lines to then post up in the correct spot, squirming
around on 40 year old knees while dodging bailed boards makes contest
shooting my favorite

Nikon for life. Weapon of choice, D300s with a Nikon 10.5 fish eye.