Derek Krasauskas

image (1)Derek Spartacus Krasauskas
Age: Old
Status: Goofy, Married, Three Kids, Living, Recovering alcoholic / Party boy
Sponsors / Flow: Green Issue, Charm City Skatepark, Fuel, *Bucky Lasek*, Dakine, Type-S,

I have been riding a skateboard pretty much my entire life and have always loved it more than any other activity. At this point in the game I only get a chance to skate once or twice a week with work, marriage and three great kids but I still enjoy skateboarding as much as I did when I was thirteen. I still day dream at work about riding and what tricks I would like to learn.
My history is long with many ups and downs. I skated professional for years as well as the old NSA amateur contests and old shop contests. I am considered a vert skater but growing up in Baltimore city I did plenty of street skating over the years and actually made it to the NSA finals as a street skater before making it as a vert skater. Many broken bones, concussions and injuries have followed me on my path but if I am not dead or injured to the point where I can’t rip to my ability I will continue to ride my wooden toy. I am beyond grateful for the life experiences and friendships that I have made on this long travel as a lifer within the skateboard community. is a great way to keep up with the commercial and non commercial path of skateboarding. I hope my goofy perspective can help others enjoy this lifestyle with a smile because we are all supposed to be having a good time. I will be taking my participation in the website with my own twist and I hope you all enjoy our ride into serious and not so serious aspects of skateboarding!