Jimmy Smutek

Jimmy Smutek at Lansdowne, Photo by Brad Jezek

Front side boneless at Lansdowne. Photo by Brad Jezek.

I’m an old school skateboarding dad, a techno music geek, and web developer from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been really stoked to help Rex & Scott out with this site.

I started skateboarding sometime around 1984 and it’s been a part of me ever since. I came up skating the old black bowl at Riverside Park, and Lansdowne. I was a permanent fixture at House Ramp from the mid 80’s through till the end, in 90 or so.

These days I can usually be found sitting in a chair, in front of a computer. I do still get out and skate whenever I can, and I’ll always love Lansdowne.

I keep a personal blog at smutek.ninja and my professional site is at smutek.net