Randy Hollandsworth


Randy Hollandsworth

Age: 42

I have been skating since 1985/86.  I grew up on the East Coast skating mostly Vert in a pretty amazing time for skateboarding. Had a spine ramp in the backyard and Cedar Crest was less than an hour away. Life was good. These days I’m still skating. However, hanging up on a backside air in 2006 slowed me down a bit. My skating consists ofa lot more carving and less air these days.

My hope for my contributions on VertSkateboarding.com is to take you back to that classic time. Most of the videos I will be posting will be “old school” in nature but hey, you never know. It became an obsession awhile back to get a hold of all the old contest and company videos I could.  My second goal was to put online as much as I could. So anyone sitting at work, on a trip or just up late in front of the computer could enjoy these memories again.

Over the years I’ve picked up some extra info about the videos, I hope to share this knowledge with you andhopefully gain some as well. I’m sure some of you have already seen these videos a few hundred times however, you might find something you missed. Feel free to email me. Peace and Vert.  –Randy