Rumble In Ramona



Ramona, California was the epicenter of vert last weekend. Now in it’s fifth year, Rumble in Ramona attracts the worlds best vert skaters while maintaining a backyard vibe. This year the ramp got a new layer of steel. There were heavy  sessions all week long but Saturday was the main event, and Rumble 5 was every thing as advertised. Nav’s described  Rumble like  this, “Its not about the numbers, its about the few that do it ok……. this is it!  Vert Skateboarding”.  Thank you Navs and crew for your passion and your infectious inspiration that has brought us all  together to support this event. Here are some of my shots. Enjoy! There will be another gallery next week.

Chris Russell

Lizzie Armanto


Jeff Hedges

Lincoln Ueda

Brandon Lasko

Max Schaff

Steve Caballero

Christian Hosoi

Neal Hendrix


Adam “Scissors” Effertz

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