Scott Greene Bowl Crawl


The stoke was high at the fourth annual Scott Greene Bowl Crawl over the weekend. People from all over the mid Atlantic came together to honor Scott, who passed away three years ago after only being diagnosed with colon cancer a month before. He left behind a 10 month old daughter, a wife, a sister, a mom and a multitude of friends. To say Scott was a great guy is a huge under statement. Scott’s wife, Chelsea organizes the event every year to keep his memory alive.


The Peacful Warrior Scott Greene by Bryan Lathrop

First stop was GSL (Green Skate Lab) friday in D.C.


1st stop of the crawl GSL in DC. Ray Conklin


Jeff Swayne smoking 5-0.


D.O.A. Dave Anderson front smith


2nd stop. Saturday 11/8/2014.  We drove 2.5hr to Front Royal, VA. 50 degrees and quite breezy. The park had a big flow section and a tight bowl.


SGC_tick tack race_smalljpg

There was a tick tack race starting at the entrance to the park.


Jeff Styers


Colton lein to tail


Jeff Styers Frontside on the big quater

SGC_pole ollie

Ben Ashworth Ollie over the pole jam.

group (1 of 1)

3rd stop- We departed 35 miles east to Jeff Swayne’s house, where the Virginia Fall foliage was peeking. Jeff has a mini ramp 6′-8′ & had Ben Hatchel’s old mini ramp transition sections strung out around yard. For several hours everyone ripped, laughed and had a good time.

greene BC HI REZ (8 of 8)

Colton Branch


Juan Ruiz

greene BC (12 of 13)

Kyle Tabor

greene BC (2 of 16)

Roper’s ass, Swayne, Dan, Aaron, Lawrence &Brian. Scott Tuper 50-50


Pribble Texas Plant Fakie

Words & Images Chelsea Greene, Rowe & Rex Singleton

The Bowl Crawl was sponsored by



Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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