The Yard : 2-year Anniversary Party

About 3 weeks ago I received a text message from this guy:

Jeremaih indy

Jeremiah Risk, seen here doing an indy air over the hip in his backyard, invited me to come celebrate the 2-year anniversary of his private bowl, a.k.a. “The Yard”, in Palm Springs. Strangely enough, his name wasn’t on the flier and I wouldn’t have to pay to attend the party. I also was not required to submit a photo of myself to apply for a media credential or be connected to a big magazine. He didn’t even ask me to bring my camera!

Instead, I was encouraged to bring my friends, enjoy the food, live music and have a good time. “Something must be wrong?” I thought to myself. What’s the catch? I didn’t even help to build the bowl!

Jokes aside, it’s been a pleasure knowing Jeremiah over the years and observing the development of his project and ideas, most of which have been funded by his job driving a Semi truck across the country. The Yard is a breath of fresh air during a time when so many events in skateboarding seem to be accompanied by commercial interests, larger than life super humans, hype and politics. Not to mention the recently introduced rules of mandatory clapping.

I didn’t take an overview photo during the anniversary last Saturday, but I can show you what The Yard looked like, when it was being finished, in 2013 by Team Pain skateparks:

The Yard

Since then quite a bit has happened. The deck was built around the bowl, permanent lights were installed, the landscaping was completed and a smaller, fun mini bowl is being built on the left corner of the property.  Jeremiah has welcomed locals, pros and international skaters traveling through for a session.

I find it particularly interesting that you don’t have to have 100 grand to build a pro backyard bowl in California. From what I was told, The Yard was built for less than half of that. Let it be known that having Team Pain Skateparks do the construction played a major role in making Jeremiah’s dream come to fruition.  Team Pain has built some of the finest skateparks in the country, but they also have the expertise to build smaller projects with a sensitive budget. 

After 2 years the bowl still looks brand new and, one can’t give enough praise to such DIY initiativesThe Yard is constantly being worked on and there will be more surprises and additions in the future. Here are some photos of the 2 year anniversary:

Scott Hostert



Salman Agah fs rock

Josh Nelson feeble grind

Nate Vernia indy air

Demarkus James

Brian Patch invert

Hayden slob fastplant

Tristan Rennie

Cory 540


Words and pictures Dan Bourqui

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