Vert Attack 10

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That’s a wrap.

It’s a done deal. Vert Attack X is officially over. Over the last year the anticipation for this event has been growing on facebook and through the grapevine. As usual Vert Attack delivered. Even in the week leading up to the event , we were fed footage of straight up vertual (yes, you see what i did there)  insanity.

VAX (40 of 41) Jimmy Wilkins 2nd place. Pro

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Sam Beckett 3rd

There was an anticipation in the air for the 10th anniversary of Vert Attack, and it was going to be an epic one. Even without some legends attending like at VA9, the buzz was incredible and there was a crackle of energy sparking through Bryggeriet skatepark  every time there were riders on the ramp.

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Chris “Fucking” Russell

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Cory Juneau

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Matt Dove

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Mike Frazier

3rd place #vertattack Pro @stew_bacca Throwing down🔨🔨📹 @skatetillyoupuke #VAX #thankyouskateboarding

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Generation X.

This energy only increased as the heats progressed and the final conclusion of what would be the last Vert Attack (in it’s current form), was drawing to an end. And that conclusion was EPIC. The Juniors kicked it off with skating that would not would have looked off in the pro finals. These groms are awesome. the consistency and style they put forth really shows the future of vert skateboarding will be just fine. Hell if these kids rip it that hard at 12 years old, imagine what they will be doing in 13 years  when they will be in the prime of their lives. I don’t think we can even fathom that yet. In the end, Tate Carew took the win consistently blasting the whole weekend.  It was a close battle between him and Allesandro Mazzare and they both killed it all weekend. So did all the groms all weekend, and it’s great to see the future generations taking such a big interest in skating vert.

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Tate Carew

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Allessandro ‘Ale’ Mozzova

JR Results 1 Tate Carew, USA 2 Allessandro ‘Ale’ Mozzova, Italy 3 Luigi Cini, Brazil 4 Gabriel Machado, Brazil 5 Tyler Edtmayer, Germany VAX (24 of 41)

Girls just wanna have fun!

The girls were out in full force as well. With a field larger than ever at Vert Attack, they showed that they can hold their own on a vert, and then some. The amount of tricks a kid like Brighton Zeuner already has under her belt at just 11 years old is just stunning. Her second place was more than well deserved and she gave Lizzie Armanto a good run for her money. The greatest thing to see was how they cheered each other on, because there’s no sportsmanship within skateboarding at Vert Attack, there’s just one big family.

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Brighton Zeuner 2nd place

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Julz Lynn

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Lizzie Armanto


1 Lizzie Armanto, USA 2 Brighton Zeuner, USA 3 Nicole Hause, USA 4 Allysha Le, USA 5 Poppy Starr Olsen, Australia

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The masters,…. wow just ,…wow. I think the whole of Malmö went dark after they sucked in all the energy outside of Bryggeriet, into the skate park to spark an epic Snake Session. I wasn’t able to check in fear of losing my spot, but i am pretty sure that’s what happened. Fueled by J-Mag’s  manic skating the snake session went completely bonkers. At times with four skaters in the ramp when everybody tried to claim the ramp. Neil Hendrix and Mike Frazier almost did an unintended double, touching each other on landing. It was just sick, no other words to describe it. Neil Hendrix took away the win with his full power skating. With his relentless support and work for the Vert Attack contest that is a just beautiful conclusion. These guys put up a show and I am still in total awe. 


#VertAttack Masters Meyley⚡️@nealhendrix & @mfrazier72 collide and announcer has an orgasm! Fucking intense👊🏻


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VAX (29 of 41)   John ‘J-Mag’ Magnusson is the guy responsible for VA.   VAX (7 of 10)   Derek “DK” Krasauskas   VAX (13 of 41)   Dave Allen    VAX (5 of 10) Jeff Hedges VAX (6 of 10) Jocke ‘Airlines’ Olsson 2nd place VAX (9 of 10) Masters 1st place Neal Hendrix  2nd Jocke ‘Airlines’ Olsson, Sweden 3rd Nicky Guerrero, Denmark 4th John ‘J-Mag’ Magnusson, Sweden 5th Mike FrazierVAX (23 of 41) VAX (38 of 41) Pro 1 Clay Kreiner USA 2 Jimmy Wilkins USA 3 Sam Beckett UK 4 Rune Glifberg DEN 5 Chris Russel USA VAX (21 of 41)


All words and photos by Eddie Think

Rex Singletion

Vert Skateboarding Admin.

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